The Soca river is well known for all kinds of activities it offers in the summertime. During the winter, the river is a bit cold for that, but the valley is still popular with visitors, mostly hikers and mountaineers this time. For the most courageous adventurers, only the most extreme adrenaline activities will do – the Soca river is the best place to try some of those!

White water rafting

Rafting might seem like a nice family activity or an entertaining group retreat, which is exactly what’s on offer in Bovec. White water rafting is also available, but offers a completely different experience – the tour leads over the most thrilling rapids and provides a high dose of adrenaline even for the most courageous rafters. You don’t have to start in Bovec, white water rafting is possible on different parts of the river, just choose a town that has a well-developed offer, but that just might be Bovec. White water rafting is one of the most popular extreme activities in the valley, so it’s not hard to find great tours.


Maybe you don’t trust the boats and want to stay on your feet, then the best choice is canyoning. Soca has countless little streams flowing in from the surrounding mountains, which means there are many canyons to discover. For canyoning, Soca offers great conditions and a wide variety of possible experiences – while canyoning is not done on the river itself, there are several popular canyons that offer unique natural obstacle courses down the stream. The experiences range from pretty mild to extreme, so even with canyoning, Soca has something to offer to the thrill seekers. But don’t push your luck and always opt for guided tours that are safe and enjoyable.

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