If you’d rather spend your free time on outdoor adventures than sitting at home or even tanning at the beach, then you have several perfect options in the Soca valley in Slovenia. The Soca river is a proper attraction by itself, with its unique color and pleasant environment it creates. But if you want to enjoy the adventure spirit, you’ll be glad to find many different options in the towns along the river, especially in its upper part.

There are many options to enjoy the river. One of the popular ones is rafting on Soca river, which is very popular among the visitors. It’s mostly done in the upper part of the river, where you have white-water rapids and other special attractions. Rafting on Soca river is an adrenaline activity that will definitely impress even the most experienced of adventurers. On the other hand, its also suitable for beginners, especially for families and other large groups. Check out your options and enjoy scenic or adrenaline rafting on Soca river!

Among the other options, Soca canyoning has to be one of the most attractive ones. Soca canyoning is unique in that it offers access to less known and explored parts of the region. If you enjoy exploration of unspoilt nature, Soca canyoning is definitely the right choice for you. Some tours are quite long and challenging, while others are very well suited for beginners.

Where to find adventures and activities?

Local tourist agencies have a range of options that are really not hard to find. In every town in the Soca valley, you’ll have a selection of activities and adventures, including Soca canyoning and rafting on Soca river, but also a wide variety of other options. Bovec and Kobarid are the towns that are generally recommended.

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