The sea is full of marine life, sometimes a source of fun and entertainment, but just as likely nuisance and even danger. If you own a boat, you’re probably already familiar with some forms of marine life – barnacles, mussels, and other creatures, even microscopic ones. They pose a danger for your boat, which must be properly and timely addressed.

Boat antifouling is necessary for every boat owner. The danger of biofouling is not limited to the boats in constant use, it’s actually more prominent with moored vessels, especially if the maintenance is lacking. Various marine life will find a nice new home on the surface of the hull, which opens a whole plethora of potential problems. You might not think of biofouling as a problem, but just consider the possible implications – even just the structural properties of fouled hull can lead to disasters. The vessel becomes less responsive, harder to handle, much slower, and fuel inefficient. Disregarding effective boat antifouling can cost you money, and also any further maintenance will be more difficult and expensive.

With boat antifouling being the key defense against biofouling, it makes sense to choose the best possible option. That’s ultrasonic antifouling system, which is usually used in tandem with antifouling coatings and paints. But with an effective ultrasonic antifouling system, you don’t need aggressive or expensive coatings, just a basic one. It will also extend the lifespan of your coating, increasing its effectiveness and minimalizing the effects of biofouling. With ultrasonic antifouling system, marine life will not find the opportunity to successfully latch onto the hull. You stop the problem before it even becomes one. The ultrasonic solution works just as well on the organisms that are already settled on the surface of the hull, but proper maintenance is always recommended even before setting the system up.

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